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Alone in the Dark Exclusive Limited Edition £4.99 @ Game [PC Gaming]

Jonathan Lester
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Alone in the Dark Exclusive Limited Edition £4.99 @ Game [PC Gaming]

The 2008 reimagining of the Alone in the Dark series didn't make a huge impression on the gaming community. In fact, most critics and gamers instantly dismissed it as a hamfisted and unnecessary franchise reboot. However, Game has lowered the price of of their exclusive limited edition to £4.99; which includes a figurine, artbook, DVD and soundtrack and a seriously impressive box as well as the game itself. This is a £5 saving compared to their normal price and a full £14 cheaper than ShopTo (their closest competitor). Note that this is the PC version, though the standard Xbox 360/PS3 edition won't set you back an awful lot.

Bizarrely, Alone in the Dark takes its visual and thematic cues from the truly abysmal Uwe Boll movie rather than the classic horror franchise. Edward Carnby is now a leather-clad stoic badass, and the tense corridors of the claustrophobic mansion have been replaced by a gritty (and actually fairly well realised) Central Park. However, the stodgy controls, cumbersome combat and a laughable storyline spoil what could have been a tight, scary experience.

It's actually not all bad. The graphics are genuinely impressive (especially the realistic fire effects), and the inventory system deserves an  honourable mention. Combining everyday household items to create deadly homebrew weapons is a lot of fun that sets it apart from other more traditional survival horror titles.  Put simply, Alone in the Dark is a mediocre game- but you'll still get excellent value with this deal thanks to the impressive extras and around 10 hours of gameplay.

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DJ Spendthrift  Feb. 4, 2010 at 18:49

That's funny! There are 9 pictures of that bloke shown in that photo alone.

MattyPlant  Feb. 4, 2010 at 19:02

He's popular lol


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