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The Dark Knight Rises, First Arkham City Gameplay Trailer Unveiled

Felix Kemp
Batman: Arkham City, Games news

Rocksteady have finally lifted the lid on Arkham City, dropping a frankly astounding trailer on the web, jam-packed with gameplay. In fact, it's all in-game footage, with swooping exploration, thunderous combat and electric cutscenes. We're pretty psyched for Arkham City, and only last week we brought you news of the game's release date; October 21st.

Titled 'This Aint No Place For A Hero', the trailer begins with a canted close-up of Professor Hugo Strange, who along with old nemesis, The Joker, is Batman's primary foe in Arkham City. As we're treated to the first in-game glimpse of Arkham's skyline, with Batman brooding in the foreground, Strange muses aloud to the Dark Knight whether he's ever considered this is "all your fault?". He blames Batman for creating the villainous scum wandering the city.

Music kicks in - Rocksteady suitable choosing The Heavy's 'Short Change Hero' - as we glimpse a helicopter hovering above Arkham, it's spotlight roving below, before cutting to an orange jumpsuit-clad individual beating a man curled up on the floor. A one-armed thug hefting a club walks towards the camera, before Two-Face makes a dramatic arrival, kicking in a door and waving a pistol at a strung-up Catwoman.

Then - finally - we're treated to some gameplay, as Batman leaps from a building and shows off his new and improved gliding ability, soaring above Arkham in all its Gothic glory. Diving into a group of thugs, Batman performs his new double-takedowns and thunderous finishers, before releasing his Batclaw and hitching a ride on a passing helicopter.

Harley Quinn makes a brief appearance - with a slightly less annoying voice-actor in tow - joking about not wanting to get blood on her outfit before pummeling Batman's skull with a baseball bat. Batman's new 'Detective Vision' is revealed, although it looks much the same as before, with his foe's transformed into glowing orange skeletons with a ticking vitals readout. Batman avoids gunfire in midair whilst gliding, rescues Catwoman from a sniper's imminent bullet, before doing a little more gliding - which does look very, very impressive - as a building explodes in his wake.

Everything At Stake; Everything At Risk, reads the last of the footage, before a teasing finale shows a disheveled but no less maniacal Joker emerging from the shadows to show off his new, more boil-ridden features. Overall, it's a fantastic trailer and we can't wait to see more on the game, hopefully at E3, before Arkham City finally releases in October later this year. [IGN]

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