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Dark Messiah £1.84 @ Shopto [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Dark Messiah £1.84 @ Shopto [PC Games]While Dark Messiah has an interesting premise, and sees you assuming the role of an apprentice wizard who goes around kicking people off cliffs or battering them to death with staffs, swords and spells, the game is let down by a few annoying technical issues. However for £1.84 it’s an absolute bargain. The graphics are decent and the first person melee attacks have a lot more depth than your average FPS. Better still, you’re looking at a next best offer of £4.30 from Amazon.

Dark Messiah casts the player as Sareth, a wannabe wizard who is charged by his master to deliver a mysterious crystal ball to another sorcerer. And to help him on his travels, he is joined by an annoying wise-cracking fairy called Xana who lives in his head and dishes out instructions and objectives like some overbearing version of the Master Chief’s Cortana. The storyline, which basically involves a strange prophecy, is pretty much ruined in the first cut scene which gives the whole thing away, but thankfully, things are salvaged to some extent by the gameplay.

Unfortunately there isn’t a great deal of character progression going on in DM, and even though you are given the opportunity to assign skill points to increase various attributes like strength, stealth etc, it’s all fairly minimal. However the combat side of things is surprisingly decent. You can fight with an array of weapons including swords (the most powerful), daggers, bows, staffs (which are good for clubbing large groups), daggers and spells. Attacks vary depending between fast, weak swipes and strong, power hits, depending on how fast you click the mouse. Overall it’s not the most challenging of games – enemies have a habit of standing on the edges of cliffs so you can easily boot them into oblivion - but DM is definitely worth a punt for £1.84.

Thanks to mrpipster from Hotukdeals.

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