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Dark Souls II down to £19.99 on Xbox 360 at The Hut

Jonathan Lester
Action RPG, Bandai Namco, From Software, Xbox 360 games

Dark Souls II down to £19.99 on Xbox 360 at The Hut

Dark Souls II | The Hut | £19.99 (save £5)
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Dark Souls II may have returned to £30+ at Zavvi last week, but their corporate overlords at The Hut have matched this tasty price for the PC version. You'll either love or hate this sadistic sequel thanks to its harsh yet nuanced mechanics and intense challenge curve (that isn't so much a curve as a ramp straight up the side of a skyscraper) - to the extent where Carl loves it, Matt hates it and I quietly mumble something about "coherent art direction" before admitting to preferring Dragon's Dogma. Anyway, it's genuinely great and Carl's review explains why - even if you don't personally like it.

Thanks to Jas10 @ HUKD!

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Tsung  Apr. 30, 2014 at 14:09

Can't really get past the first bonfire, constantly fighting the controls. It's like I know what I want to do, but achieving it feels confluted.

Using a mouse, seems impossible with the mouse camera speed fixed to extreme turbo, and altering the camera view speed bar doing nothing. I guess I can go into windows and drop my speeds in there, but seriously? this is 2014, not 1999.

Get to the first door, and the screen pops up, press A to enter (green A from Xbox version), to enter using a mouse/keyboard it's something complicated like Shift + Right Click. Who thought this up? have they ever played a similar game on the PC before in their life (try skyrim)?

So I try again with an Xbox contoller, and things are a bit better. Left trigger punch, left bumper punch? right trigger punch? right bumper punch?. Yeah again I don't really get it.To Run, hold down B whilst pushing a direction, to dodge push a direction and tap B, to jump push down the left stick. By the time I've worked all this out, I'm dead.

The draw distance seems terrible (for the floor ahead) usually ends up with me falling to my death on more occasions than not.

So no I'm not a fan, I have no problems with a difficult game, but one where the games controls seem to be deliberately setup to ensure failure, that's unfair / broken.How this game got great reviews is beyond me? playing on the strengths of being "difficult" to play / control really has fooled people into liking it?.

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MattGardner  Apr. 30, 2014 at 14:17

You've pretty much described my feelings on Dark Souls too. Its mechanics are the antithesis of what I want from action games. Dark Souls is basically the anti-Platinum.

JonLester  Apr. 30, 2014 at 14:20

That's a familiar complaint, and one that stops many gamers from really engaging with the series despite constantly being told that it's fantastic.

Myself included, if I'm honest. Like Monster Hunter, I appreciate that the combat and mechanics are designed to be nuanced and hinge on perfect timing, forcing players to think about attack animations, blocking and making each encounter feel like a desperate fight for survival. Many players love it and I see the appeal - and love the coherent, lovely and terrifying world From Software crafted.

However, as a hack & slash fan, I often resent being hobbled in this way, and tend to prefer difficult games that offer responsive pitch-perfect controls like Super Meat Boy, Bayo and Devil May Cry (and Dragon's Dogma, which I feel is the perfect middle ground).

It's horses for courses, I guess.

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