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The Darkness II: Limited Edition is cheaper than a beer at £3.25

Brendan Griffiths
FPS games, The Darkness II, Xbox 360 games

The Darkness II: Limited Edition is cheaper than a beer at £3.25

The Darkness II is usually lurking around at a wallet-friendly price, but today it's practically throwing itself at you for £3.25 on the 360.

The Darkness II is a fine example on how to improve on an average first game. We love the new comic-noir art style that perfectly complements this grim tale of a mob boss battling rival mobs and cults who want to steal his powers. The Darkness of the title enables Jacky to use two serpent-like arms that sprout from his shoulders to attack his enemies. Using these attacks in conjunction with guns provides the ultimate in quad-wielding bloodbaths.

Thanks to Trixster.

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Winghead84  Feb. 7, 2015 at 17:55

Cheaper than a beer? You poor southerners. :-P

I disagree with the first game being average. It was dripping with atmosphere and had a cracking storyline. I really need to check out the sequel so thanks for the heads up!

bggriffiths  Feb. 9, 2015 at 10:30

Oi, stop calling me a Southerner! It's not my fault Preston has ideas above its station and thinks it's all that!


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