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Darksiders 2 Combat Detailed In Latest Vidoc

Felix Kemp
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Darksiders 2 Combat Detailed In Latest Vidoc

Darksiders surprised a fair few gamers when it was released last year, offering a near perfect blend of hack and slash action with puzzling dungeon dilemmas. And thanks to its solid sales and critical reception, a sequel was greenlit almost immediately, picking up where War left off, with fellow Horseman of the Apocalypse, Death, seeking to avenge his brother. Game Informer have the latest scoop, detailing the new combat styles and scenarios on offer in the sequel.

Vigil explain that combat in the first Darksiders title as War was more akin to being a tank. He could soak up hits and deliver punishing damage with his simply gigantic broadsword; but he wasn't the most agile of chaps. Death is different. Sporting less armor - in fact, other than a pair of padded trousers and ragged leather gauntlets, he's essentially unarmored - Death is a far more agile combatant, as evidenced by the snippets of gameplay glimpsed, leaping into the air and careening across the battlefield, swinging his enormous scythe.

Death's scythe is important, actually, as it is in fact two blades, not one. For stronger attacks, he'll swing both, but he can also unleashed furious two-handed strikes. Vigil reveal that the inclusion of loot allows players to sculpt their own unique play-styles, be it imbibing your scythe with powerful enchantments to boost melee combat or continually powering Death's Wrath abilities for what essentially results in a mage or magic-wielding experience.

If you like the idea of loot, you'll be pleased to hear Vigil is paying special attention to Darksiders RPG attributes. Skill-trees let you shape Death into a variety of sub-classes, which concept art revealing Necromancer, Slayer and Wanderer versions of Death, all with a unique look and feel. All in all, we like what we say, and can't wait to get our hands on Darksiders 2. [Game Informer]

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