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Darkspore Yanked From Steam As DRM Errors Go Unfixed

Jonathan Lester
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Darkspore Yanked From Steam As DRM Errors Go Unfixed

Humdrum action-RPG Darkspore has been pulled from Steam following years of errors stemming from it's always-online DRM.

Darkspore released back in 2011, whereupon it was immediately panned as uninteresting and dull. However, its adoption of the now-controversial always on DRM even for singleplayer sessions raised more than a few eyebrows. "A quick note on the always-online DRM," wrote Dave Brown in our 5/10 review. "You'll also be signed out with an 'error' if you just happen to leave your game idle for a while. It doesn't only happen when you alt+tab. Oh, and you can't even pause when playing single player."

Many players also reported frequent errors when logging into the servers, with Error 73003 becoming an all-too-prevalent thorn in its fans' side. PlayerAttack reports that Maxis have all but abandoned the RPG, with community managers claiming that the errors have "zero probability" of ever being fixed.

Steam have now removed listings for Darkspore and its demo, though Origin still continue to host it for $15. There have been several cheap deals floating around over the last few months, but we would strongly recommend steering well clear for now.

SimCity, another Maxis-developed title featuring 'always-on' DRM, also came under a huge amount of flack for its borderline-inoperable infrastructure at launch, though much has been fixed with several months of patching.

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