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David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

David Brown
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David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

You might be surprised to hear this, but I haven't heard of every freeware game. It's a physical impossibility to know of them all, so multitudinous are their numbers. So don't blame me that I had to be made aware of Words That Follow by the ever-excellent Indiegames blog.

It's a multiplayer caption competition game. A picture is presented to you and you've got to come up with a eye-wateringly funny caption for it before the timer runs out. Hopefully you'll be in a room with others who'll also be attempting to do the same thing. If enough players have submitted a caption, then things proceed to the voting stage. Obviously you don't get to vote for yourself, but if you don't vote for another person's caption, any you get for your own are discounted.

Depending on who you're playing with, you'll be wanting to aim for varying levels of sophistication. There's no point racking your brains for a delicious pun if the people around you laugh more at words like pee, wee, poo, bum-bum and plopface.

David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

Likewise, using childish language might not impress any intellectuals who might have entered the room – although they might chuckle at the sheer stupidity of it. The first few rounds get you one point per vote, but final ones double your voting money.

It's very simple and can be gloriously funny at times, reminding you that people you don't know can be both amazingly stupid but also very clever indeed. But seriously, why does nobody ever vote for mine? Bastards.

Continuing on the same multiplayer tip, Edmus is a racing game where you take on everybody in the whole world. Well, those who happen to have logged in and attempted the game during a 24 hour period anyway. It's a racing platformer thing and you compete against others, trying to beat their distances and so on. At the end of every 24 hour period, a new course is introduced and the whole thing starts again.

David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

Once you die, the game informs you just how many players that have competed that day you managed to beat. The ghosts of the other players are racing alongside you to give you a pictorial representation of just how much you suck and how many people are better than you. Which is nice.

It's very simple and won't take up more than a few minutes of your time, and you do get the impression that more needs to be done with it. More than just perhaps clicking to jump. However, there's potential in the idea if not necessarily the execution.

Our third and final entry this week is Soul Brother, a game where upon death your soul departs its vacant host and enters a nearby body. That's the gimmick, other than that it's a simple platformer with the X key curiously providing the actions.

David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

The puzzles mostly revolve around killing yourself to live, just like the Black Sabbath song of the same name. Or not. Anyway, you'll often have to commit suicide in order to transfer yourself past the immovable objects or walls into the waiting innocent on the other side. From there, you can continue on your selfish, body-snatching way.

All the animals you can spiritually inhabit have different abilities. The cat can double-jump while the bird can hover, that sort of thing. This gimmick does give it some legs over the usual freeware platformers out there, so it's not just one to look at for a minute then discard. There's a reasonable amount of game time here, plus it's got the usual humour you'd expect from a game hosted by Adult Swim.

Bit of news for you now. If you cast your mind back to the ancient times of December 2010, you may remember me talking about Die2Nite, a browser-based survival horror game where you and assorted other humans banded together into a role-playing community in an attempt to see off a horrendous zombie menace in a dusty old western town.

David Brown's Free Play: Suicides, Global Racing and Plopface

Now, it's been updated to Season 2, so if you wanted to see what was new, or perhaps partake of it now new stuff has been added, it's as good a time as any. Some of the new things that have been added include larger maps, a new profession for subscribers and increased focus on shunned citizens. Intrigued? Here's the link again just in case you forgot to click on the one above.

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Lichen  May. 9, 2011 at 14:01

There's a killer review/playthrough of Soul Brother here:


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