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David Brown's Free Play | Astrology and Zombies

David Brown
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David Brown's Free Play | Astrology and Zombies

Do you remember those Choose Your Own Adventure books from the 80s? They were great, weren't they? I mean, not great in terms of the quality of prose or anything, but to young and impressionable minds, being able to alter the course of the narrative even just a little bit was a big thing.

Age grew into the Fighting Fantasy books, Lone Wolf and perhaps the pinnacle of that literary genre, the Way of the Tiger series. This is all relevant because this week's first game brings back a few of those (ancient) memories. Ah, to be young and full of ideas of what a Teeth of Tiger throw would actually look like in real life.

So, anyway, The Sagittarian is like that, reading a paragraph or two, making a decision and seeing where that takes you. There are three chapters, none of which are massively long, so it won't outstay its welcome and will be finished easily enough.

David Brown's Free Play | Astrology and Zombies

What it has up its sleeve is each 'scene' has a visual backdrop, which does help to fire your imagination, but they're vague enough not to ruin it. It has a good pace to it, small snippets of text moving you quickly through the story.

It's limited, sure, as it's just a load of words with some choices, but what it does do is provide memories for us old sods who yearn for a day when adventures came on pages and not terabyte hard drives. One thing though – it's zombies, so if you're as utterly fed up of them as a lot of people seem to be (including your reporter, to an extent) be warned.

Otherwise, links to chapters 1, 2 and 3 are right here.

You know what was just said about zombies? It seems you really can't get away from them nowadays in the gaming world, as here's another browser game featuring the shambling creatures. Zombotron is an artistically pleasant platformer where you play a robot with fleshy bits who is given the task of... ah, who cares? Kill zombies, as per usual.

David Brown's Free Play | Astrology and Zombies

The initial loading bar is quite clever, draining from 100% to 0% in a nice twist on the norm. Silly to mention perhaps, but it's little touches like that that can lift your game out of the clashing pack. Anyway, you move around with the usual WSAD keys and aim with the mouse.

You can just shoot the zombies or push barrels onto their heads to earn the 'silent kill' bonus. There are terminals you can use to purchase upgrades, armour and such. Watch out for falling too far on some of the elevators that you can set off, as it's an easy way to be insta-killed and restart the level.

There are other nice touches like the way you can shoot beams to drop bombs onto zombies, things like that and although some have complained about the controls, they seem natural enough to your reporter here. It can be a little tricky as you make your way through the ten or so levels, but everything works well on the whole and you don't really get bored at any point – though having to restart the whole level when you die is always annoying, no matter what game it is.

David Brown's Free Play | Astrology and Zombies

Your reporter here isn't really a fan of Tetris, but there's a obviously a lot of people who are, so this might of interest to some of you out there. Untris is a reversal of the block-dropping gameplay we know and you love. The blocks are all already in position, just in rubbish places. Your job is to figure out how they got there and remove them from the screen.

Allegedly nobody's finished this yet, and it's easy to see why. It's very hard indeed, especially for someone like your reporter who can barely do the regular Tetris. Still, it's a challenge and there is a handy undo key should you, inevitably, make mistakes.

And you will, trust me, as – to this mind – it makes little sense as to why you can't move certain sections at one point, but you can later. My mind's not just built this way, but if you can do it, good on you. That's all for this week, peace out and so on.

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Late  Jul. 18, 2011 at 12:40

That untris is impossible, surely - there's fifty cleared lines to account for... :\


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