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David Brown's Free Play | How To Defeat An Evil Trivial Pursuit Wedge

David Brown
Antagonist, Free Play, Netpack, PC games, Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD

David Brown's Free Play | How To Defeat An Evil Trivial Pursuit Wedge

Let's cut the pre-match team talk and walk straight out on the pitch to face this week's digital opponents, shall we? Lining up in goal for the enemy is a game about racing through a 3D world in a speedboat, avoiding the motorised seafarer's most common enemy: the dinosaur.

Sharks also pop up, but sadly they're not a patch on the Megalodon and this doesn't star a rampantly heterosexual John Barrowman suggesting he chew out the nether regions of a wooden co-star.

Anyway, you can choose to either race or, if you're ambitious, build and share a track. Racing is very easy to pick up, but difficult to master, with the arrow keys controlling your craft and the R key restarting should you screw things up.

Before each race, you can see the track being 'built' in front of you, providing a quick chance to plot a course in an attempt to beat your best time, which can then be shared as a “can you do better?” challenge on Twitter, Facebook or via the old school method of copying and pasting a special link to wherever you choose.

David Brown's Free Play | How To Defeat An Evil Trivial Pursuit Wedge

Along your way, you can get your speed boosted with handily placed chevrons, crash into the snapping maws of the aforementioned sharks or have the dinosaurs sweeping, bobbing heads knock you off course.

Even without the addition of the social media thing, it'd be addictive stuff, but with it there's a massive incentive to keep plugging away and shaving seconds off your time. And being browser-based, it's very accessible.

So for this reason, we're going to award a totally pointless and irrelevant Game of the Week award to Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD.

Not able to scale those lofty heights is Antagonist, a platformer about a puffed out man who's trying to escape from what looks like a giant Trivial Pursuit wedge. It's instant death if you touch it, and sometimes it seems like you must deliberately die in order to progress.

Your character isn't the most athletic in the world, so when he leaps and jumps, he gets slowed down. Also, he's not got the highest leap either, so ascending up block slopes is a chore.

David Brown's Free Play | How To Defeat An Evil Trivial Pursuit Wedge

As mentioned, the deadly chaser – presumably the antagonist of the title – kills you instantly and sometimes it can take up positions that make it impossible to get past. What you have to do is get yourself killed so it respawns somewhere else, which isn't the most satisfying way of having to play.

You could, though, attempt to trick the killer wedge by moving back through the level so it tries to get ahead of you, leaving the way clear. Once you figure out ways of tricking your assailant, it becomes slightly better, but it's still too frustrating to provide a lengthy session.

Everyone loves Pac-Man though, right? Certainly Jamey DeOrio does, as he's made a very similar little game called Netpack. It features the same essential gameplay – eat pellets, avoid enemies, escape the level – but there are few twists.

This time, you have to get to a ladder in the centre of the level to successfully flee, plus the fruits you eat have special powers contained within, like explosives, time-stopping, extra experience points and teleportation.

David Brown's Free Play | How To Defeat An Evil Trivial Pursuit Wedge

It's not browser-based, so those in offices won't necessarily be able to download and install it, cutting off a large percentage of the user base, but for those who do take the time, it's an acceptable use of said time.

And that's actually going to be it for this week. Despite a desperate search and the finding of art games like Ruins that are of no interest and also finding out that Ben There, Dan That! has been miraculously updated, there's not been much out there to catch the eye. Or, at least, not that much to catch MY eye.

Hopefully we'll be able to see a glut of games to choose from next time out, but for now, just be glad you've got Super Springbreak Speedboat Hero SD to play, and if you want to compare your times to mine, just follow @_davidbrown on Twitter. You'll definitely beat me, don't worry.

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