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David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

David Brown
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David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

This week, let's start by discussing nude men. Hot Throttle is all about a man with an automotive fixation, one so intense he actually thinks he's a car, racing around against other flesh-mobiles.

Driving your 'vehicle' is difficult, as the game doesn't explain how, not giving you any indication of the controls. Neither does it explain the objectives, which in a game this … eccentric is a bad move.

Another thing you'll need to know, which would be obvious just by the opening title screen, is that it's safe to say Hot Throttle is NSFW. Not just because of any sexual themes, but just because it's not the sort of thing you'd want your boss seeing you play. “Yeah, um, I'm, er, playing a game about offering semi-nude men 'lifts' in my flesh car...”

David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

It's on the Adult Swim website, which might have been obvious from its bizarre nature. Once you realise that you have to avoid contact with objects to maintain your top speed – the best way to practice is to select a single race to start – get yourself in the main 'campaign' and show your wife why cars don't speak.

A word on the cut-scenes. While the concept of human racing cars is a strange one, the inter-race story segments just take things to a new level. Giving CPR to a homeless man one of the competitors ran over during the race is cause for concern, but when you offer a mute, er, something a 'lift' by offering your underwear-clad posterior as a seat, well, perhaps it's best not to continue with it.

From this we head to more sensible territory, if you can call a four level NES-style interpretation of The Great Gatsby sensible. You take control of Nick Carraway, who, just in the like in the original work, can throw his hat at enemies and use power-ups to grant himself invincibility and extra health.

David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

Staying faithful to the source material, coins can be collected too, waiters can be eliminated and strange red characters spout lines from the novel. Watch out for people doing the Charleston too, they can be deadly.

It's actually really easy to complete, but it does provide an element of fun along the way. It's perhaps more amusing to think of what other literary classics could be made game-ready. Romeo and Juliet as a beat-'em-up? The Gulag Archipelago in the style of The Sims?

A White Zombie remix just came on, so what better time to stick on Save Toshi, a game about a girl who can dance the night away, but who sadly has learnt how to party before she's learnt how to walk. Well, actually she forgot, but essentially her only ambulatory stance is a funky one.

David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

Toshi's goal is reach her element, the dance floor. You've got to help her by forging a path, destroying or shifting blocks around so as to avoid tossing her into a hazard.

Complete a level and you're scored out of three stars for how efficient you were in guiding the Japanese pop princess to her dance floor. If a puzzle seems impossible, remember you can hold the right mouse button down and swing the camera around.

It's not very long, so it won't ever outstay its welcome, appealing to puzzle game fans and also the kind of person who likes studying oriental school children very closely, of which there are more than you might imagine. However, stick with the White Zombie being on, as the in-game music and sounds are utterly horrible.

David Brown's Free Play | Nude Men, Boogie Nights and The Great Gatsby

Finally, we've got Wroom which, I guess, is pronounced with the German W rather than the British. It's a racing game where physics plays a huge part, with you driving a bubble car around an elasticated track, seeing how many flips you can do without the fear of dying getting in the way.

Interestingly, four players can play on the same screen, if you've got enough spare keys, but if you've got no friends there's the opportunity to race against ghosts of yourself. Very Freudian perhaps, but let us not dwell on it.

It's a nice little racer that deserves a download and maybe even, if you're feeling generous, a Facebook 'like' on its website. The ultimate accolade.

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KneelingSprout  Feb. 21, 2011 at 13:50

I knew about a couple of these from the always awesome indie friday reviews that YBN do. Their indie guy, dogbomb, has done The Great Gatsby (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HjWKrz7yogM) and Hot Throttle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rKJq2FbMK4) already. Well worth checking out and keeping in touch with if you're interested in indie (and free, usually) games.


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