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David Brown's Free Play | Zombies, Werewolves And Little Coloured Blocks

David Brown
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David Brown's Free Play | Zombies, Werewolves And Little Coloured Blocks

Can't you people just leave me alone? I'm right in the middle of a Champions League chase with Liverpool in Football Manager 2012 and you're asking me to stop to run through the latest puzzle-platformers and woeful art games? Have you no compassion for a man hopelessly addicted?

Right, so if you're still reading, you obviously are a cold, heartless swine who demands information on free games and will stop at nothing to get it. Fine, I'll just pause the game with Wolves and have a little rummage around, see what I can find.

David Brown's Free Play | Zombies, Werewolves And Little Coloured Blocks

Ah, here's something. Unlock is a puzzler involving breaking a pixellated man out of prison by moving blocks about. You do this by using the arrow keys to move a cursor about, selecting a set of coloured blocks with Space and then moving them so your guy can exit the screen.

It starts out farcically easy and gradually gets tougher until you give up, not wanting to bother any more. Until that moment, whenever you reach it, it's a reasonably simplistic-yet-interesting little number.

Despite what was said about it starting off very easily, it doesn't make the common mistake of remaining that simple for too long, with a good learning curve built in until the inevitable “wha...?” moment. Worth checking out if you're a puzzle fan, certainly.

Having not played a zombie game for at least a few hours, it was only natural that the next item on our menu is one about our favourite walking dead cousins. In Lab of the Dead, you play a scientist who needs to figure out how to prevent the spread of yet another zombocalypse, which he does by prodding and poking zombies with things to get Research Points.

David Brown's Free Play | Zombies, Werewolves And Little Coloured Blocks

After each log entry you automatically make, you get given objectives to fulfil. The first ones are just to use two items on the zombie, for example. You can be humane and see what happens when you give it books or you can bludgeon, stab or shoot it and be a bit of a mad scientist type.

It's all very slow, which is the main problem, but if you can get over that, it's interesting to see where it's all going. But yes, very slow and takes ages to get going. At least it's different enough from the norm, not just a blaster, plus it's good to see things from the scientist's perspective rather than the soldier's all the time.

Let's move onto something a bit more sensible now, namely Keyboard Drumset F**king Werewolf. In this, you play an eskimo who has to leap and jump up the screen to collect green cubes, while being harangued by bats. If he falls, he gets rescued by a kindly bird/angel thing, but eventually he just ends up tumbling forever.

If during his tumble he collects even more green cubes, he'll turn into a werewolf, simply by hammering the Z and X keys in true Daley Thompson's Decathlon style. Then he chases humanoids around while avoiding boxes being lobbed in his direction.

David Brown's Free Play | Zombies, Werewolves And Little Coloured Blocks

This is where I gave up, as for all its fun weirdness, it's just dull to play. And the music? Dear lord, it's the worst music in the history of the gaming world. It's worth checking out simply due to the strange nature of the whole experience, to say you've played it, but other than that the gameplay just isn't good enough to stand up to more than five minutes of play.

There was going to be a final fourth game here, but I've got hooked on Lab of the Dead, so there won't be. As mentioned above, if you can get past the initial period, there's a strangely addictive quality there that makes you want to see the reactions to each item and, ultimately, what happens once you've 'finished' your research.

So definitely try it out, keep it running in your browser for times when you get a few minutes off of work or whatever, and see where it goes. At the moment, I'm trying to teach my third zombie how to fully appreciate the joys of music. I suggest you do a similar thing.

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