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David Cage Talks Up PS4 "Water Cooler Effect"

Matt Gardner
David Cage, PS4, Quantic Dream
PlayStation 4

David Cage Talks Up PS4 "Water Cooler Effect"

Spoilers are terrible things, and with the integrated "share" functionality giving players the ability to seamlessly share the things that they do with the PS4, are Quantic Dream and David Cage a little perturbed by the thought of having unique experiences compromised by such a feature?

Not a bit of it. In fact, Cage is rather excited at the prospect of a built-in metaphorical water-cooler.

“We want that ‘water cooler effect’," he told Kotaku. "We had it on Heavy Rain. People talked about it, and they said, ‘I did this. What did you do?’ The only difference is that now they will be able to capture and share it with their friends. That’s fine. People bought the game. They are free to enjoy it the way they want.

"But my recommendation would be to really play the game on your own, hopefully without going back and talking too much to other people as you play. Just keep the experience unique.”

We're with you there, David. From the endless possibilities and chances for unique anecdotes that games like Skyrim have provided, to discussing approaches to puzzle titles like Portal. We've spun numerous podcasts out of such moments, and here's hoping that the PS4 can bring us many more besides.

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