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David Jaffe Hits Back At Apps vs AAA Game Fears

Jonathan Lester
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David Jaffe Hits Back At Apps vs AAA Game Fears

Epic Games and Nintendo's Satoru Iwata have been making some worried noises about the rise of gaming apps being a threat to triple-A games development; suggesting that 59p games are "killing" and "drowning" the traditional market. However, Twisted Metal developer David Jaffe has hit back at these assertions by stating that "you can't put a price on fun." We're inclined to agree.

Speaking to Eurogamer, East Sleep Play boss David Jaffe called "bullsh*t" on the entire argument put forward by Epic and Iwata - and suggests that us gamers are willing to pay an appropriate amount for quality game experiences as well as shelling out a few quid for apps.

The reality is, you can't put a price on fun. I don' t care if it's 99c or $150 or $1000 over the years in sub fees to an online MMO.

Fun is fun, so I think it's an absurd concept to say, this is the criteria, these are the ingredients you [need] to make fun otherwise you can't play. That's bullsh*t, man.

Amen to that. However, Jaffe is adamant that Apple could (and probably will) "absolutely" become the dominant force in the games industry, and that the NGP will have to watch its step.

I heard somebody the other day say Apple TV, which I love, they're going to start putting the App Store on Apple TV with games. I'm like 'holy sh*t'. So yeah, it's possible [that Apple will rise to dominance].

I'm so excited about NGP, but of course Apple's a player now. And that has to be respected and countered and adjusted for.

It's nice to see a developer speak out and defend the AAA industry rather than bow down before the might of Apple and Android... but with Epic COO John Schappert leaving for a post at Zynga, it's clear that his peers are more worried about the situation.

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