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Dawn of War II £4.99 @ Play.com [PC Games]

John McLaggan
Dawn Of War, PC games, RTS games, Warhammer

Dawn of War II £4.99 @ Play.com [PC Games]

For all the Warhammer 40K and RTS fans out there, Play are offering the chance to take control of the Blood Ravens Spare Marines in Dawn of War II for just £4.99 (Amazon are next cheapest at £12.99).

Dawn of War II continues the story of the Blood Ravens (not related to the Blood Angels), initially dropping in to support one of the main Captains from the original Dark Crusade expansion. This time the main bad guys are the Tyranids who were a notable omission from the first Dawn of War games. They take the place of Chaos while the Eldar and Orks remain. Using the Company of Heroes engine, the gameplay has changed significantly from the first game - this time there is no base building, instead the focus is on a small number of units each who can be customised through the course of the campaign with RPG style level upgrades and new items.

Dawn of War II £4.99 @ Play.com [PC Games]The campaign mode is similar to Dark Crusade and Soulstorm where there's a world map and the player is given the choice of where to attack based on the enemy strength and the rewards available. However, missions are only available for a certain time before they can no longer be attempted. Unlike the older expansion packs though, there is a story this time which makes some attempts to tie itself into the existing Warhammer 40K literature.

Opinions on the game have been very mixed, while the new gameplay style is far more authentic to the Warhammer 40K franchise where Space Marines are not used as cannon fodder. Additionally, the complete lack of any base building element put many people off the game. While the development of the characters in the single player works well, the squads remain very small and the maps simple. It's quite a stepdown going from the nine races which DoW eventually offered to just four although Chaos are due to be added in an expansion pack around easter next year. At just £4.99 though the game is definitely worth a look.Dawn of War II £4.99 @ Play.com [PC Games]

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Mark  Dec. 8, 2009 at 11:27

It is £9.99 now :(

Mark  Dec. 8, 2009 at 11:59

And now back to £4.99 :S

John McLaggan  Dec. 8, 2009 at 16:02

Perhaps they are trying to encourage people to impulse buy when they see it back to the reduced price? Not a bad price at £9.99 as it's three pounds cheaper than HMV, many places don't seem to have it in stock and Steam are wanting 20 pounds which is better than the 35 they've been after for most of the time but still not great


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