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Dawn of War II £9.99 @ Play.com [PC Game]

Marius Goubert
Dawn Of War, PC games, Real time strategy

Dawn of War II £9.99 @ Play.com [PC Game]

Attention all Dawn of War addicts. Play.com are offering Dawn of War II for a very decent £9.99 including postage and packaging. That’s a great deal considering the next cheapest copy is from ASDA priced £14.91.

Dawn of War II picks up the mantle of intergalactic warfare where it was left off by DOW 40,000 and its various expansions. However, the sequel changes much of the original format. No longer is it simply a case of ‘if in doubt send in a load more space marines’ as now the emphasis is on guiding a group of specialized units through the levels.

This has slightly more of a role play action game feel to it than a traditional real time strategy. But before the hardcore traditionalists start screaming,  DOWII also features the option to play with bases in skirmish and multiplayer mode - just like the old editions. So don’t worry! You can still build up your base and send in wave after wave of expendable grunts over the top to a cruel and pointless death.

However in terms of reviews this one has had a very mixed bag. While some are absolutely awestruck and insist DOW II is the best Dawn of War to date, others are so livid with the revised format, they actually want time alone with the designers in a room without windows.

Clearly THQ have stuck their neck out with this one. But one definite problem with the game is it's a major pain to install. There are a stack of applications you have to download in order to make the game run and this can be quite time consuming – so make sure you have an internet connection!

But if you know you’ll love the game, don’t mind persevering, and have been holding out for a good dealon it, what are you waiting for? Into the fray!

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