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Day Zero Patch For Killzone 3, Guerrilla Monitoring Jailbreaked PS3s

Felix Kemp
Games news, GeoHotz, Killzone 3, PS3 Jailbreak
Killzone 3

Day Zero Patch For Killzone 3, Guerrilla Monitoring Jailbreaked PS3s

Killzone 3 isn't even out yet - it hits store shelves on Friday - but already developers Guerrilla have detailed a lengthy day zero patch to alleviate any last-minute issues, presumably gleaned from the Open Beta. The patch includes increasing and decreasing the power and spread of a few select weapons, ironing out kinks in the presentation, and ensuring network stability. But what's most intriguing is the inclusion of "enhanced security features included to deter cheating".

It's most likely the "cheating" Guerrilla is referring to concerns jailbreaked PS3 users downloading leaked Killzone 3 torrents and exploiting the game. They've admitted to CVG that they're "aggressively monitoring" the situation, and have a system in place to deter cheaters and hackers from ruining the experience for legitimate users.

Which is what this patch, and its "enhanced security features", is probably for. We've heard reports of Sony prepping a hack-proof PS3 with internal safeguards against attempted jailbreaks, so it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for them to protect their biggest launch of the year thus far. It all stems from an ongoing lawsuit between Sony and the man who cracked the PS3's firmware, George Hotz, aka Geohot, who we've been covering for several months now.

And on the subject of Hotz, a rather prominent Sony figure has chimed in with his take on the situation. David Jaffe, creator of Twisted Metal and God of War and head of Eat, Sleep, Play, has admitted that while he agrees with Hotz' beliefs on a philosophical level - such as a consumer of a product being justified in doing whatever they like with said product - he argues that you can't simply fight laws and customs you don't like, and then expect the laws and customs you like to protect you. Jaffe poses a pretty interesting argument. Check it out for yourself. [CVG]

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