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DayZ Standalone Footage Demos Smarter Zombies

Jonathan Lester
DayZ, DayZ Standalone, Dean Hall, Dev Diary

DayZ Standalone Footage Demos Smarter Zombies

DayZ creator Dean "Rocket" Hall has released a new developer diary for DayZ Standalone, which gives us our first look at the all-important zombies. And brilliantly parodies Law and Order to boot.

As explained in the dev diary, DayZ Standalone will significantly improve zombie pathfinding, to the extent where they'll be much harder to kite. Zombies are handled by the server, meaning that all the grunt will be leveraged on Bohemia's end rather than our PCs, and currently 3000 undead can be spawned per server. Hall suggests that this number will increase "quite dramatically" as development continues.

Naturally, DayZ Standalone also brings a graphical update, along with detailed interiors to explore. Players will also have to maintain a healthy diet to stay at their peak, making medical (even nutiritional?) experts more valuable alive and helpful than dead and stripped of loot.

Development is continuing slowly but surely, with Hall doing his best to keep on top of the pressure and publicity, not to mention the disheartening controversy surrounding flagrant shoddy ripoff competitor The War Z. It will come when it's done.

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davidpanik  Mar. 12, 2013 at 16:44

I love that Rocket is clearly having a great time doing this. Parkour!


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