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DC Universe Online MegaServers Rolling Out Today

Jonathan Lester
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DC Universe Online MegaServers Rolling Out Today

Server Downtime Schedule Confirmed

As of today, Sony Online Entertainment has started the process of amalgamating the myriad DC Universe Online servers into four massive 'MegaServers,' which will allow players to interact with a "greatly expanded" population of fellow heroes in Gotham and Metropolis. The update will provide a larger pool of people to join in alerts, duos and raids - and make it easier for friends to find each other and play together.

More details - including the server downtime schedule that will affect the PC and PS3 versions on different days - after the break.

On the DCUO blog, SOE has summarised the most important additions that the new MegaServers will bring to the experience.

  • You will see much larger populations!
  • You will have a much larger pool of people to join in Alerts, Duos, Raids, Legends PvP, etc.
  • It will be much easier to play with friends who were previously on other servers (plus lots of new friends to make).
  • You will be able to switch between PvP and PvE style play by using the phase shifters in the Hall of Doom and JLA Watchtower.
  • There will be a larger number of items in the Broker.

There might be a few teething troubles along the way since players with the same character name may will be forced to change their online identity. SOE will be sending out a free name change token and an explanatory email to anyone affected. Leagues may also have to rebrand in case of conflict.

The servers will need to be taken offline to affect the transition, and SOE have provided the following schedule. The PC servers are already down for maintenance (and will go live later today) - followed by the PS3 servers a week today. I've changed them to GMT for your convenience.

European PC servers: 8/8/2011 7:00AM - 3:00PM GMT

European PS3 servers:  15/8/2011 7:00AM - 3:00PM GMT

This schedule is "subject to change" - so we'll keep you posted.

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Slipstream  Aug. 8, 2011 at 16:04

Is that a nice way of saying that the population per server was much lower than anticipated so they're cutting the number of servers?


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