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Dead Island Shifts Two Million Copies Worldwide

Felix Kemp
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Dead Island

Dead Island Shifts Two Million Copies Worldwide

I think it's safe to say Techland should be patting the backs of whoever delivered that fantastic debut trailer we all drooled over. While the game itself is nowhere near as elegant or original as that cracking sequence, the trailer garnered so much excitement and interest in Techland's undead tropical nightmare that over 2 million copies have been shifted worldwide. Folks are buying the game, regardless of the so-so reviews.

Techland are obviously proud of their achievement, and have revealed that Dead Island - upon release - scored the top spot in charts across the world, from France to Austria, Spain to the Netherlands, Belgium to Sweden and even Italy. It all but guarantees us a sequel, so where would you like to see Techland take the followup? Ibiza, maybe? Undead chavs sound terrifying.

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DMERC  Sep. 16, 2011 at 11:59

I wouldn't say the trailer did shift that amounts of copies... When the trailer first came out, sure, I bet there was preorders coming everywhere. But I know for me (and a good few others) that when footage and gameplay videos came out, the preorder got cancelled.

Then after the release and general buzz about the game, from the gamers not the critics, I ended up buying it.

No doubt the trailer worked in the beginning for some of the sales.. But I'd say the feedback from others and cheap release prices made the units shift... And it now being out of stock everywhere will fuel this further... Kinda like borderlands did.

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