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Dead Island Slapped With A Mature Rating

Felix Kemp
Dead Island, ESRB
Dead Island

Dead Island Slapped With A Mature Rating

As expected, Techland's gruesome zombie hack and slasher Dead Island has been stamped with an M rating by the Entertainment Software Ratings Board in America. That's M for Mature, if you didn't already know. It's not at all surprising; from the off, Dead Island has delighted fans with its brutal combat and grotesque band of rotting foes. If it had gotten anything less than Mature, we've have been worried!

According to ESRB's rating description, you can expect to slash, pummel and club your way through the undead horde with all manner of weapons. Baseball bats, knives, axes, shotguns and rifles, all with added "screams of pain, realistic gunfire, and slow-motion effects". Additionally, when a zombie's rotten corpse can take no more punishment and sags to the ground, you can "stomp on their heads". Ample amounts of blood are said to decorate the scene and the players' weapon, especially when you're dismembering zombies!

If you're finding Dead Island a tad too difficult, alcoholic beverages can be imbibed to buff up your attacks, but at the expense of your vision. If this frightens you, read no further, as one scene described by the ESRB has inebriated characters "stumbling around a party"; the horror! Illegal narcotics feature, too; one character suffering from withdrawal symptoms asks you to retrieve his stash. There's sex, too, with innuendos and graphic scenes abound.

All in all, Techland appear to have pulled no punches with Dead Island. It's set to be as gruesome and horrific as we all expected. Here's to hoping the game is up to scratch, too. [ESRB]

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