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Dead Rising 2 Preorder £[email protected] The Hut [PS3/XBox 360 Game]

Lydia Low
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Dead Rising 2 Preorder £25.73@ The Hut [PS3/XBox 360 Game]

If you like to plan your purchases well in advance and you foresee that, come the beginning of March next year, you will be in the mood for kicking some zombie butt, then you may want to consider pre-ordering the sequel to the massive selling Dead Rising. If that's the case then this weekend may be a good time to do so as The Hut are offering it for the top price of £27.73 and if you use the special bank holiday discount code BANK20 then you get an extra £2 off! While it's a long way to go till this title will grace your doorstep, it's unlikely that you will be able to get it for this price when it is released.

(NB. The link is for the PS3 version of the game - the X-Box 360 version is also available for preorder at the same price. Don't forget to add the code!)

The action takes place a few years after the last game ended, in the fictional Fortune City which is based upon Las Vegas. You take on the role of Chuck Greene, a former Motocross champion and father of one, who finds himself caught in the middle of Fortune City's zombie takeover. Gone is the photographic element of the previous game, instead it seems that you may need to depend on Chuck's Mad Skillz on the motorbike.

The gameplay remains much the same – as Chuck you must carry out missions, all the while keeping the baying zombies hordes from claiming you. This should now be a far greater challenge as the screen can contain anything up to 7,000 of those pesky undead fellows at any time, whereas the most you might have to face in the original Dead Rising was 800. Apparently there will be an even greater assortment of makeshift weaponry available to take down your foes (and it seems distinctly possible that there will be the opportunity for customisation), a greater variety of missions and a more interesting protagonist in Greene. At Captivate 09 Keiji Inafune confirmed that Dead Rising 2 will have online multiplayer content but so far no information has been released as to the form this will take or what it will entail.

From what I have seen it appears that if you liked the first Dead Rising game then the chances are you will also enjoy this new instalment as it simply offers (a lot) more of the same, with some fun new twists thrown in for good measure. A full length trailer has recently been released which I found, frankly, a bit underwhelming. Dead Rising 2 appears a whole lot of fun but far from ground breaking. However the vast swathes of zombie stalkers, not to mention the double-chainsaw-motocross-bike combo and moose head attack does make me suspect that the game will be at least worth renting.

Thanks to dancrawley from Hot Uk Deals!

Dead Rising 2 Preorder £25.73@ The Hut [PS3/XBox 360 Game]

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flamingcarrot  Aug. 31, 2009 at 10:01

.....with thanks to flamingcarrot from HUKD for the deal....................whistling..............

Lydia Low  Aug. 31, 2009 at 13:19


Added. I humbly apologise.

flamingcarrot  Aug. 31, 2009 at 18:48

I'll let you off, seeing as its a Bank Holiday Monday and all is well in the world - I put my wrong user name in too..............it's dancrawley @ HUKD..........honestly, I'd forget me head if it wasn't screwed on.............. ;-)


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