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Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC Review | The Least Pointless

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Capcom Vancouver, Dead Rising 3, DLC, Xbox One, Xbox One Games

Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC Review | The Least Pointless

Platform: Xbox One (£7.99)

Developer: Capcom Vancouver

Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Is "less pointless than usual" a compliment? It's hardly the most glowing endorsement of a DLC pack, but compared to the rest of Dead Rising 3's noxious season pass content, The Last Agent manages to claw itself into the giddy heights of mediocrity.

Don't misunderstand me: the fourth and final season pass offering is still fairly pointless and a waste of £7.99 on paper. It lasts roughly two hours, contains recycled missions, starts with yet another vehicle driving section and doesn't bring anything new to the core experience.

Except railguns. And a jet engine turbine that fires gems. And a laser cannon. And a hydraulic power fist. Come back, The Last Agent, because much is forgiven.

ZDC agent Richard Park finds himself on the brink of turning, a fate worse than death, but is saved at the last second by Nick Ramos and given a second chance at clearing his organisation's name. See, it turns out that the ZDC are actually a decent bunch of fellows in the main, committed to public safety and upholding the law, and completely oblivious to the shadowy coup working behind the schenes. Park's earnest and trustworthy personality makes him easy to like and relate to, despite a wooden voice performance that stops him from giving Angel a run for her money.

So in an effort to save as many civilians as possible, Park embarks on several fetch quests around Los Perdidos, runs into lots of annoying barriers that force him out of his vehicles and saves plenty of survivors in side missions recycled in full from the original game. He'll revisit old locations, grab arbitrary collectibles, face off against some bikers (come on, enough already) and eventually wrap things up after roughly two hours. Oh dear, here we go again. It's hatchet job time...

Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC Review | The Least Pointless

... hang about, because this time, I actually cared about what I was doing and had fun doing it. Unlike the atrocious smear of bloody offal that was Chaos Rising, The Last Agent makes an effort to tie into the storyline, tidying up some very minor loose ends and feeling much more relevant to the main campaign. Saving civilians is also much more fun than smashing up telephones or hacking into lamp posts, since we're free dispatch their zombie attackers in any way we see fit.

And oh baby, do we have some fun new toys to help out on that front.

Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC Review | The Least Pointless

The Last Agent contains some of the best weapons in Dead Rising 3, period. Park can set entire mobs on fire with the SlagShot, blast them to pieces with a shoulder-mounted railgun or hoover entire streets away with a modified jet engine turbine. Better yet, on the melee side, we have a massive metal power fist capable of bludgeoning zombies and bosses to pieces. The new emphasis on firearms is a natural fit for a federal agent, and helps to make the DLC pack feel fresh and genuinely new, since I rarely resorted to creating combo weapons this time around. In fact, I wish that combo weapon crafting had been disabled in all of these Untold Stories, since we would have been forced to improvise and procure new weapons on the fly.

Ultimately, The Last Agent is still just an excuse to play more Dead Rising 3, and you don't need to pay £7.99 for the privilege. Whatever you do, don't pay £23.99 - because all four 'expansions' should have been sold together for a tenner as a single DLC pack.


  • Incredibly cool weapons make the action feel fresh
  • Agent Park is likeable and inoffensive
  • Storyline fills in some small gaps, feels relevant to the overarching plot


  • Short
  • Recycled
  • Still pointless

The Short Version: Dead Rising 3's hilariously awful season pass ends with a whimper... and the occasional "bang!" from a railgun, hydraulic power fist or turbine cannon. The Last Agent still doesn't really justify a season pass purchase for anyone or even its own price of admission for most gamers, but fun factor and an effort to bolster the main storyline makes for an intensely enjoyable - if brief - experience.

Don't you dare buy that season pass, though. Don't do it. Just let Capcom's abortive money grab slip from your mind, giving it no thought and none of your money.

Or better yet, remember it next time you're tempted to buy a season pass before the content even exists, and just say no.

Dead Rising 3: The Last Agent DLC Review | The Least Pointless

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