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Dead Rising 3 Announced As Xbox One Exclusive

Jonathan Lester
Capcom, Capcom Vancouver, Dead Rising 3, Microsoft E3 2013 Press Conference

"The Ultimate Open-World Zombie Game"

Capcom Vancouver have revealed the third Dead Rising at Microsoft's E3 press conference, which they suggest could be the "ultimate open-world zombie game." Touting no load times whatsoever, Dead Rising 3 will feature an enormous city to explore, alongside plenty of DIY weapons to bodge together. Next-gen hardware has allowed the team to massively increase the number of simultaneously-rendered zombies yet further, resulting in truly insane hordes to mutilate or distract.

SmartGlass functionality has been worked in, allowing you to access a dynamic map or even call in artillery strikes with your tablet.

To be honest, it looks a bit on the drab and brown side to us, at least compared to the first two Dead Rising titles. With luck the gameplay will speak for itself when Dead Rising 3 launches this holiday season as an Xbox One exclusive.

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tr0r  Jun. 10, 2013 at 19:11

The only thing I saw that interested me at all.

It is now Sony's race to lose.

Quietus  Jun. 10, 2013 at 19:53

Just like to say that I HATE all of this 'exclusive' nonsense. Put the games on all formats (or all those that are viable), and let all of your audience play your game.

Tsung  Jun. 10, 2013 at 20:47

Be able to call in artillery, how does Frank West rig that? I dunno it seems like the game has lost direction :/
I loved Dead Rising 1, Take a photo (and get scored for various different styles) or kill the zombie? Dead Rising 2, lost the fun photo bit :( boo, I cared little for the girl she spoilt any freedom I had. Dead Rising 3 your what? able to call in artillery strike? :/


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