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Dead Rising £8.47 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 games]

Tom Silkstone
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Dead Rising £8.47 @ Tesco Entertainment [Xbox 360 games]

You've just finished a zombie film marathon and you're looking around the house wondering what you could use as a weapon and what'd be good to erect a barricade with, whilst keeping your fingers crossed that an outbreak of the undead flesh eaters never occurs. But what if it did happen and you were a photographer in a small town . . .

NB. Remember to use the following code to get the game at the advertised price: FTSL15-1

Tesco Entertainment are parting with copies of the game for £8.47, which is an outstanding price for a game of this calibre, and'll make you a saving of almost £4.50 on the next best offer of £12.85 from ShopTo.

Initially I didn't get on with Dead Rising, I found myself becoming frustrated by the ease at which I could be dispatched by some of the human characters, which coincidentally made it incredibly difficult to get very far in the main story. In fact, it wasn't until the third time I bought the game that I sat down and decided to stick it out, and I'm certainly glad I did because it's become one of my favourite titles on the 360.

Whilst the Left 4 Dead series brought the terror of facing running zombies onto our consoles, Dead Rising brings fear inducing hordes of classic slow moving zombies into the room with you. As Frank West, you have 3 days to discover how the outbreak occurred before a helicopter returns to save your bacon, whilst rescuing survivors and dealing with both the undead and resident psychopaths that have taken up shop in the mall you've sought refuge in.

Frank is far from defenceless, in fact almost everything you could have thought about using as a weapon is present in the game. You can pick up a spare whilst toppling zombies with a bowling ball, crack their heads open with a guitar, slice them to pieces with scythes, and if you're lucky enough to find them you can cut your way through the masses using the wonderful mini-chainsaws. Guns are present in the game, but it's best to resist taking out the undead with headshots and save your ammo, because believe me you'll need every last bullet for encounters with the psychotic members of the human race that you'll come across.

For me there are two downsides to the game, but they're only really minor issues. The first is the initial levelling up that you have to do to even consider taking on a boss character; personally I died far too many times than I would have liked and as a result quickly became frustrated with the game. However, once you've reached the point you can take on the initial boss characters, you'll progress through the game quite smoothly. The second is the lack of a cover system and the firearm combat mechanics; when you're locked in a battle with a psychopath and the bullets are flying the last thing you want to do is constantly heal yourself and scream 'How are you managing to shoot me?!!!' at the screen, but sadly this is exactly what you'll be doing during ranged combat. At first I was incredibly disappointed with the difficulty in lining up a shot on an enemy target, however the blow was softened somewhat when I was told that the developers had done this to emphasise the fact that Frank's a photographer not a super soldier.

Dead Rising is a great game that everyone should play at least once, if not for the zombie killing then at least for the humour, as you'll be in stitches watching a zombie shuffle around uselessly after outfitting it with a huge novelty head from a toy store to guard against its mouth, and £8.47 really isn't that much to part with for a superb game.

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yoyo  Jun. 10, 2010 at 21:36

i just clicked the red link above to buy dead rising for £8.47 and it took me to tesco website where it is £9.97. GENIUS.

yoyo  Jun. 10, 2010 at 21:37

red link says its at shopto for £8.47 but takes to tesco website.

Emma Kelly  Jun. 10, 2010 at 23:15

"Shopto" was a typo - please read the post and see how to get the deal for the advertised price at tesco:

NB. Remember to use the following code to get the game at the advertised price: FTSL15-1


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