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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop £14.99 @ Play.com [Nintendo Wii Game]

Marius Goubert
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Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop £14.99 @ Play.com [Nintendo Wii Game]

If you thought you’d seen it all before then get ready to see it all over again, as yes once more, the undead are rising in yet another zombie bashing title brought to you courtesy of Capcom. The creators of Resident Evil are certainly continuing to prove that when it comes to games about post – apocalypse and cannibalism they are the experts. So if gore by the bucket load is just your cup of tea then this could be the deal for you. Play.com are offering up copies of Dead: Rising Chop Till You Drop for £14.99 (that’s £5 cheaper than the next best price which you’ll find on Amazon).

You might think that after considering the sheer number of zombie games already out there Capcom might have taken it upon themselves to do something different. However you’d be completely wrong! Dead Rising: Chop Until You Drop is unashamedly unoriginal - with even more clichés than an episode of Hollyoaks. If uniqueness is what you’re after then you should go and buy a copy of Resident Evil 5. This is a game which Capcom have tried to spice up by turning its format from a horror into a fast paced 3rd person shooter action game – but for the love of God there aren’t even any zombies!

So if like many people you’re actually quite annoyed with Capcom for this betrayal of their Resident Evil roots then Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop may be a small consolation (and you can probably guess why). Because it’s back to the good old days of terrible voice dubbing, a ludicrous story and hiding out in the Mall simply because it gives you access to a horde of potential zombie – killing - weapons.

Forget any deep, moving or meaningful story because Chop Till You Drop does exactly what it says on the game box. Whether its trash cans, teddy bears, golf clubs, buckets, baseball bats or even lawnmowers, everything is a potential zombie killing weapon. So forget about the Wii fit as this one will have you burning of some serious calories as you swing round the living room in a frenzy of maiming madness.

So as you’ve no doubt realised, this is a game where the emphasis is all on gameplay. The graphics are not really up to that much and we know Wii can do better. The whole thing is also totally random with parrots flying about dropping grenades and a Mall janitor who offers to show you short cuts for money (if you’re wondering why he is still at work and looking to earn cash when it’s the end of the world, don’t ask, as I have no idea!).

But by all accounts, however short lived it’s still a lot of fun – all in all Dead Rising clocks up about 10 hours gameplay. But if you’re looking for something more serious then this one probably is not for you. However if this kind of  mindless violence tickles your fancy and you’re looking for a Wii game that really lets you let of some steam, you’d certainly be hard pressed to find something better!

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