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From Dead Space 2 to Aliens Vs Predator - News Roundup December 10th

Marius Goubert
Aliens, Dead Space, EA Games, Saboteur, Visceral Games
Dead Space

In today’s news roundup we hear from Visceral Games regarding their long awaited Dead Space sequel. We bring news of a massive blunder by EA which has PC gamers up in arms, and lastly, we hear from Sega and Rebellion who've just announced the exact date Aliens Vs Predator will be hitting the UK shelves.

Dead Space 2 details emerge

From Dead Space 2 to Aliens Vs Predator - News Roundup December 10th

Although no release date has yet been announced, fans of Dead Space will be pleased hear that the sequel is well and truly in the pipeline. Visceral Games have released in depth details regarding the storyline and setting of Dead Space 2 which they reckon is shaping up to be even more gruesome and terrifying than its predecessor. Set aboard Sprawl, a space station/ settlement which has been built up around the remains of Saturn’s moon, the story of Dead Space 2 kicks off when the supposedly extinct Necromorph infiltrate the metropolis. Being the only person to have successfully combated the menace before, Isaac Clarke is called in to help.

Given that the environments could get quite repetitive in the first Dead Space title, the developers hope to provide players with a lot more variety in DS2. Sprawl will feature many more distinct and contrasting areas such as a school, a shopping mall and a church. Clarke will also speak for the first time (hmm…) and as a character, he will be explored in much greater depth. There will also be many more weapons and several new monsters – probably the most interesting are weird child like figures with no lips and sealed eyes who strike at Clarke with claws. The game has apparently got a more eerie atmosphere, with not as many predictable jumpy moments, than DS1. However, although Visceral did hint at a multiplayer feature, nothing has yet been announced. [Eurogamer]

PC Saboteur sabotaged by ATI cards

From Dead Space 2 to Aliens Vs Predator - News Roundup December 10th

Hordes of disgruntled PC gamers have been bombarding games forums with complaints after it emerged that their ATI graphics cards were incompatible with the new World War Two stealth title Saboteur. Digital game distributer Direct2Drive have now been forced issue all prospective customers with a warning that the game would not work if their PCs contained these particular ATI graphics cards.

EA have announced that they are looking into the issue whilst irritated consumers - who’ve been lumbered with a game that doesn’t even work – will have to make do with a ‘temporary workaround’ which involves turning multiple  CPU support off. How exactly something like this was missed during product testing remains unclear, but no head should be feeling to secure on its shoulders over at EA quality control. [DailyRadar]

Aliens Vs Predator Given UK Release Date

From Dead Space 2 to Aliens Vs Predator - News Roundup December 10th

Stop your grinin and drop your linen, Aliens Vs Predator is on course to hit UK shelves on the 19th February 2010. Three versions will be available, and  consist of stand alone edition, a survivor edition with one of those tin cases (which will probably cost about £10 more even through they cost about 2p to manufacture) and a hunter edition. The latter comes with a tin case, face hugger model, a 3D postcard and sleeve badge. The game has attained a fair amount of hype, and I for one am really hoping it’s not going to be a complete and utter disappointed like those terrible films. [PRNews]

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EndlessWaves  Dec. 10, 2009 at 18:28

I think former should probably be latter in the AvP section.

And the Saboteur fix turns multi-core support off, not multi-CPU support (which would be a lot better and affect far fewer people).

rob  Dec. 11, 2009 at 09:51

dead space 2, sounds a little similar to bio shock but looking forward to it, just finished DS1 and thought it was a really good game.


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