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Dead Space 2 Confirmed As Xbox 360's Scariest Game...

Jonathan Lester
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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2 Confirmed As Xbox 360's Scariest Game...

... With Science!

A scientific study measuring heart rate, sweat levels and body temperature of a selection of players has apparently confirmed Dead Space 2 as the Xbox 360's 'scariest' game. Alan Wake, Resident Evil 5, Dead Space 2 and Condemned were all featured during the test (conducted by Vertical Slice), with Visceral Games' sci-fi horror edging out the competition due to its incredibly stressful opening 15 minutes and consistent level of tension.

None of the players' interest was stimulated during the cutscene that played at the start, at least not until Isaac witnesses his dead wife become a necromorph in a horrific fashion. At least four of the participants found this moment distressing, and were frightened further still when throttled by the orderly, only to have him gruesomely slaughtered by a grotesque creature.

Note that Left 4 Dead 2, Condemned 2, Fear 1 & 2, Dead Space 1, Silent Hill: Homecoming were not considered to be frightening enough for the trial. You can read the comprehensive results over at Gamasutra... and let us know whether or not you agree! We don't, for the record.

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JoshuaClark  Sep. 10, 2011 at 22:18

This seems based more on 'shock' scares than any genuine feelings of fear. I love the Dead Space series, especially the second, but not once did I feel genuinely uncomfortable while playing, for want of a better word. Condemned is far and away the scariest game I've played this generation. There's no comparison in my mind. Not to mention that the scariest segments lie a good four or five hours into the campaign, which doesn't seem to have been taken into account either (half an hour did they say??)

Still, between the 'biometrics' and 'natural game condition emulation' perhaps I've missed something that would change my opinion.

Absolutely right to exclude Condemned 2 though. What a load of old rubbish that was...


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