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Dead Space 3 To Be Less Linear And Drop Competitive Multiplayer?

Matt Gardner
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Dead Space 3 To Be Less Linear And Drop Competitive Multiplayer?

According to the latest GameInformer, picked to pieces by the folks over on NeoGAF, Dead Space 3 will not feature the rather divisive competitive multiplayer elements of Dead Space 2, but will feature full co-op, non-linear level design, and (worryingly?) ammo drops.

Isaac Clarke is back, but he's not alone this time, as Dead Space 3 will see him teaming up with John Carver, an engineer from the planet Uxor. According to the spread, there'll be cutscenes available in co-op that you won't see in singleplayer, though Visceral have promised solo players will "hear everything you need to hear to get the whole story".

Worryingly, Dead Space 3 will apparently be less linear than the previous two games, will feature side missions, universal ammo pickups, and more plentiful ammo drops. I say "worryingly" because the last time I checked, survival horror and "more ammo drops" didn't play well together. The tight, claustrophobic nature of Dead Space and its sequel, not to mention that pant-wetting terror of knowing your last clip was about to run out, were what made the experience so great. When it comes to survival horror, less is usually more, just ask Amnesia players.

Still, you'll apparently be able to combine weapons, there's allegedly a new cover system, and a bunch of new meanies too, including Fodders, Feeders, a Snow Beast, and a massive, disgusting Necromorph centipede called the Nexus.

We'll look out for more info on this strangely Mass Effect-ish news in tonight's EA presser. Dead Space 3 is due out February 2013.

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AlexXD  Aug. 27, 2012 at 22:13

Less linear =/= less constricted. Look at half life, a corridor shooter with many equally tight side paths.


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