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Dead Space £5.60 @ Amazon [PC Games]

Marius Goubert
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Dead Space | PC

Dead Space £5.60 @ Amazon [PC Games]

Although Dead Space 2 might be looming on the horizon (well, maybe not quite, as at the moment we’re looking at a release date sometime between January and March 2011) the original edition has just fallen to £5.60 on the PC, unfortunately The Hut, whilst cheaper, is currently out of stock. So if you’re on the look out for a decent survival horror, Dead Space is certainly worth consideration, now over 15% cheaper than the nearest competitor (ShopTo - £6.74). The game is atmospheric, hilariously gory, and provides you with plenty of manic-mutants to brutally dismember.

Set several centuries in the future, the story behind Dead Space focuses on the character of Isaac. Part of a team of deep space engineers sent to ‘crack’ planets and export their natural resources back to Earth, Isaac is sent to investigate a break in communication with a ship called the USG Ishimura. Of course, once onboard the seemingly abandoned and derelict vessel, he and his crew find themselves under attack from a horde of psychopathic-mutants. Separated from his crew mates, Isaac then has to try and restart the ship, save anyone left alive, and of course kill anything that gets in his way.

When it comes to armaments, Dead Space does things slightly differently however. As an engineer, Isaac is only armed with tools which he can adapt into various weapons, and which include things like nail guns, flame throwers and pulse weapons. These can all be employed to shoot, burn or tear limbs off any baddies. And visually the game is superb, with the player being treated to plenty of great looking gore. The atmospherics are also well done; especially as you uncover the remnants of the Ishimura’s crew, and signs alluding to their last stand against the Necromorph.

The only drawbacks involve the game’s annoying camera, which can sometimes obscure the action at critical moments. Dead Space also features a lot of back tracking which, although justifiable, can get quite repetitious. However it’s still a highly entertaining and enjoyable title, and certainly a bargain for just under a fiver.

Thanks to Scowie from Hotukdeals.

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