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Dead Space £5.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Dead Space | Playstation 3

Dead Space £5.99 @ Gamestation [PS3 Games]

Dead Space feels like a combination of Event Horizon and Resident Evil, as you try and survive an onslaught of weird, blood thirsty mutants as you make your way through a derelict spaceship.

Gamestation have dropped their price for copies on the PS3 to £5.99, which'll make you a saving of exactly £1 on the next best offer of £6.99 from Game and Amazon.

I love this game because it's a survival horror title that's actually scary. I'm somewhat of a horror aficionado, but within minutes the game had me gripped with suspense and I jumped out of my seat several time even with the lights on! The Necromorphs are terrifying and there's nothing worse than spending ages cutting them to pieces, only to discover that you left a couple of body parts too close together and they've reformed to continue their attack on you.

The game itself feels like a combination of a number of features that have made previous titles in the genre so enjoyable, yet they seem fresh instead of recycled. Of course, there are brand new things present as well, and my favourites are the light that projects out of your hand to guide you around the environment and the holographic videos that are projected in front of you without restricting your movement.

You'd be pretty stuck if you didn't have a selection of weapons to blast your enemies to pieces with, and they're all fairly unique. The best weapon by far is the ripper, which shoots out circular saw blades you can then move across the Necromorph's bodies, allowing you to carve them up as you see fit. Unlike a lot of games, where the alternate firing modes seem to have been included simply for a bit of variety and tend to get used once before being forgotten, in Dead Space there are times when you'll really need them in order to get past certain assailants.

This is a fantastic game that knows exactly how to build up tension and is an absolute steal for under £10.

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Gunn  Jun. 25, 2010 at 17:37

Doh, I went and order the GAME one at 6.99! I didn't think it would be cheaper but I'm still happy with £6.99


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