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Dead Space £7.85 @ Simply Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Tom Silkstone
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Dead Space | Xbox 360

Dead Space £7.85 @ Simply Games [Xbox 360 Games]

Dead Space revolves around Isaac Clarke, who has to try and stay alive aboard the USG Ishimura, as the ship is overrun by a horde of terrifying space mutants who love nothing more than to feast on the flesh of anything that comes within their grasp.

You can grab a copy of the game on the Xbox for £7.85 from Simply Games, which ordinarily wouldn't make you that much of a saving as the next best offer is £7.98 from Gameplay. However, at the moment Gameplay are temporarily out of stock, which makes the next best price £12.77 from Cool Shop UK, and means that you'll now make a saving of almost £5.

I love Dead Space, not only because I'm a huge horror fan, but also because it's a game that's actually scary, in fact there are a few moments that made me jump even in the middle of the day with the sunshine blaring through the window with one of my housemates in the same room. The necromorphs are incredibly creepy, not only because of their movements and the way they look, but also if you don't cut them into enough pieces or leave parts of one too close to those of another, they'll reform and continue to stalk you.

The weapons are fairly original, my favourite being the ripper, which fires circular saw blades you can then move across your enemies body in order to dismember them. Also, the alternate fire modes are actually useful and there's more than one occasion when you'll need them to get past certain foes.

Whereas a lot of horror games play back audio logs or have you sitting in front of a screen watching a video recorded by somebody just prior to whatever course of events led to your current situation, in Dead Space a holographic video is projected in front of Isaac and moves with you as you explore the environments. Finally, if you get lost whilst stumbling through the ship you can project a light from your hand which shows you where to go next.

In my opinion this is one of the best horror survival titles on the market at the moment, and for under £10 there's no way you'll regret picking up a copy.

Thanks to hypnoticstate @ HUKD

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