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Dead Space £9.98 @ Gamestation.co.uk [XBox 360 games]

Lydia Low
Dead Space, Survival Horror Games, Xbox 360 games
Dead Space | Xbox 360

Dead Space £9.98 @ Gamestation.co.uk [XBox 360 games]

If you prefer to dismember your enemies limb by bloody limb rather than pulling off the perfect headshot, then Dead Space is the game for you. If you buy from gamestation then you don't even have to pay a tenner for the privilege!

Comparing prices I have found that, while this game is now available at a bargainous price almost anywhere, this deal from gamestation online is 10% cheaper than the next best price and a good few pounds less than the cheapest used copy offered on amazon!

Dead Space £9.98 @ Gamestation.co.uk [XBox 360 games]If you haven't played the game already, then do yourself a favour and give it a try. Like most horror games, Dead Space plunges you into a hostile and strange environment filled with nightmareish creatures that you must take on alone, using just your wits and the weapons you can salvage in your explorations. However it is far from a tired genre standard, with visuals that suddenly switch from beautiful to grotesque, an engrossing story, chilling gameplay that keeps you on tenterhooks and the delightfully gory and extremely satisfying dismemberment method of killing.

You play as Isaak Clarke, an engineer deployed as part of a team on what should be a routine mission to repair the communications system of mining (space)ship, the USG Ishimura. However all is, of course, not what it seems and quickly you are separated from the rest of your team. Yyour routine mission becomes a fight to survive against hordes of weird and not-so-wonderful creatures known as "necromorphs".

Dead Space £9.98 @ Gamestation.co.uk [XBox 360 games]The fact that all the action takes place in outer space adds an extra challenging and fascinating dimension as enemies can literally come at you from all angles when unhampered by pesky gravity. You need to quickly form and perfect your strategy for taking down the monsters piece by piece, using a selection of mining tools which add to the visceral and thrilling nastiness of the game. Uou will find that you barely have time to breathe as wave after wave set upon you. This evokes a real feeling of tension, often bubbling into panic as the malevolent world closes in around you.

The missions begin to feel a little formulaic as you progress in the game and the combat is not always perfect but the game looks beautiful, feels different from anything else and is simply a joy to play. From the moment I stamped off my first head, I knew I was onto a winner.

Dead Space £9.98 @ Gamestation.co.uk [XBox 360 games]

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Spark  Aug. 21, 2009 at 08:31

This game really is terrifying.

Lydia Low  Aug. 21, 2009 at 11:15

I love scary games but i am the most neurotic person in the world. If i'm crossing a road i jump if i see a car coming, even though that's what i am looking for, so you can imagine what i'm like playing Dead Space, haha!

So fun though.

Chris  Aug. 21, 2009 at 12:06

Fantastic game, anyone basing their opinions of this solely on the demo desperately needs to give the full game a try because it's so much better. The demo doesn't communicate the atmosphere, storyline or what the overall gameplay is like. I played the demo and didn't think much of it, and then rented the full game and loved it to bits. Wish I'd actually bought it outright now.


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