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Deadly Premonition Developer Seeks Publisher For New Title

Jonathan Lester
Deadly Premonition, Rising Star games, SWERY65, Xbox Live
Deadly Premonition

Deadly Premonition Developer Seeks Publisher For New Title

Divisive Cult Hit Headed To Xbox Live

Deadly Premonition was one of last year's most outrageous, divisive and - in our opinion - best games. Developer SWERY65 has announced that his insane cult hit is headed to Xbox Live's Games on Demand so that more players can get involved with arguably the best story ever told by a videogame... but that he's also seeking funds to create a new title. We have the full details below.

Speaking on his official site (translated by D'Toid), SWERY65 reveals that he's working on a new title... but that he needs a publisher to guarantee him the funding.

It’s high time we started working on something new However, since the company I work for, Access Games, is only a developer at this point, we focus on creating games ... we have to team up with a publisher and create a scheme for the entire process from production to release.

In other words, the reality of the matter is that I can say I want to make a new game! As much as I want, but that alone is not enough to start the process. Would anyone be ready to invest in us?

If I could scrape together the funds, I'd do it personally. As it stands, however, SWERY will probably need to seek a publisher based in Japan or the States, with a UK company such as Rising Star picking up the European release. We'll keep you posted.

Speaking of Rising Star Games, the British niche publisher dropped us a line to let us know that Deadly Premonition will be headed to Xbox Live Games On Demand on July 5th - and you should read our full review to discover why you should probably go ahead and buy it.

Deadly Premonition is a quirky and unique title we are proud to have published. We knew there was an audience for the title and we delivered them the game they wanted. Now Deadly Premonition is on Games on Demand it will give even more people a chance to marvel at this completely individual title and decide for themselves what they think of the most controversial title of 2010. - Martin DeFries, Rising Star Managing Director

Controversial is one way to put it. Brilliant is another.

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