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Game Night | The Pilot Part 1 - PlanetSide 2

Carl Phillips
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Game Night | The Pilot Part 1 - PlanetSide 2
We promised more video content this year, and so we're testing out a new venture we call Game Night - where the team here at the Dealspwn Citadel get together once a week to play a game, and then we show you the results. It could be anything - a current blockbuster title, a horrendously broken mess, an indie darling, or perhaps a fan favourite from yesteryear. To see how it all faired as an idea, we decided to take our pilot episode onto Sony Online Entertainment's free-to-play MMOFPS extravaganza PlanetSide 2, fighting for the glory of the Terran Republic. There was death, slip-sliding tanks, much smoke, more death, the world's worst Marauder run, and even more death. See it all after the jump.

This week's viewpoint: Carl as McGarnagle, medic extrodinaire

We'll be back tomorrow at 5pm with the second part of our adventures on Auraxis.

Remember: If you have any feedback or suggestions for this or any of our other video content, please feel free to drop us a line either posting a comment below or over on our YouTube channel.

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