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Dealspwn Playthrough | Hawken Beta - Customisation & Mech Carnage

Carl Phillips
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Dealspwn Playthrough | Hawken Beta - Customisation & Mech Carnage
It's been a little while, but we're back with a new episode of Dealspwn Playthrough. Today we are taking a belated look at upcoming Free to Play FPS Hawken. Carl Phillips provides commentary as he goes through the customisation options, and then proceeds to take his various mechs into the dirty, grime-filled industrial landscape in the team deathmatch mode. See the episode in all its mech-based glory after the jump.

Got any suggestions of games you would like us to look at in future episodes of Playthrough? Let us know in the comments or contact us directly at contact[at]dealspwn[dot]com.

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