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Dealspwn Playthrough | PlanetSide 2 Beta – First Impressions

Carl Phillips
Dealspwn Playthrough, MMOFPS, PC games, Planetside 2

Dealspwn Playthrough | PlanetSide 2 Beta – First Impressions

With just under a month to go before its release, today’s episode of Dealspwn Playthrough sees Carl dive into the on-going beta for Planetside 2, the upcoming Free-To-Play MMOFPS sequel from Sony Online Entertainment. We take a look at the character creation options, hear Carl attempt to speak through his drooling from the graphics, witness his first skirmish with a Barney, and then watch him fight for his life in a battle for The Crown facility. Witness the carnage, as well as read a brief overview of the game, after the jump.

For those of you unfamiliarised with PlanetSide 2, here’s an overview. Three empires are fighting for control of the planet Auraxis; the totalitarian Terran Republic, the rebellious New Conglomerate, and technology-wielding Vanu Sovereignty. Taking place over a number of continents, a persistent battle rages where hundreds of players on each side can fly aircraft, drive tanks, and charge on foot in a bid to control bases and towers across the planet. Its predecessor managed to achieve this, but it was haunted by terrible optimisation for PC hardware at the time, and suffered from horrendous lag. Having learned their lesson, SOE appears to have turned their fortunes around, and as you can see from the footage in today's episode, the battles can get rather intense when squads of players descend upon the same location.

We'll be back with more coverage of PlanetSide 2 soon, where we will check out the various vehicles in the game and get a closer look at the Certification system.

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