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Dealspwn Playthrough | Scourge: Outbreak - Opening Gameplay

Carl Phillips
Dealspwn Playthrough, Gameplay, Scourge: Outbreak, Third Person Shooters, Tragnarion Studios, UFO Interactive

Dealspwn Playthrough | Scourge: Outbreak - Opening Gameplay

Jon gave his verdict on XBLA Shooter Scourge Outbreak yesterday (which you should most certainly read) but if you are still curious as to how it plays, today's episode of Dealspwn Playthrough is just for you. Watch in slack-jawed amazement as Jon and Carl don the Ambrosia Armour of Echo Squad, dive about with reckless abandon, shoot bad guys in the face and hold A to sprint. For total reasons.

Go on - put the Third-Person-ness in your face by hitting the jump. We play it so you don't have to. No thanks necessary, citizen. It's our job.

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