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Dealspwn Playthrough | Star Citizen - Hangar Module

Carl Phillips
Chris Roberts, Cloud Imperium, Dealspwn Playthrough, Hangar Module, Space Sim, Star Citizen

Dealspwn Playthrough | Star Citizen - Hangar Module

Yesterday we ran our video interview from this year's Gamescom where Chris Roberts previewed the first playable section of Star Citizen - the Hangar Module - but in the early hours of the morning the team at Cloud Imperium finally allowed all of its backers access to their virtual ships for the first time. So, we felt it would be be rude not to do a quick walkthrough of what you can find in the initial release. Carl provides commentary as he explores the Business Hangar, jumps in his Hornet fighter, and rides an elevator.

Just because he can.

The next module, the Dogfighting Module, is expected to release this November, with the full finished game, which includes both Star Citizen and its story-driven campaign Squadron 42, to release in Novemeber 2014.

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phil16  Aug. 30, 2013 at 12:25

Can't wait to have a look at my Aurora tonight, however looking at this I really wish I had the cash for a better ship....

phil16  Sep. 2, 2013 at 13:04

It won't run... :{:{ Turns out my old and trusty 285GTX isn't good enough as it isn't direct 11 capable. Rubbish. Guess I'll have to wait tell Christmas and get a new GPU as a present.

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