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Using Dealspwn: A Quick Guide

Emma Kelly

Dealspwn is a standard blog format, so you can just visit the site every day and read the latest posts on the home page. However, there are a few other things that are possible, which you might be interested in.

Category navigation

You’ll see the grey tabs at the top of the page. With these, you can easily navigate through all the categories. Here’s a brief explanation of what you will find in each:

  • Deals: This category shows you all the latest video game deals that have been posted on Dealspwn. The deals cover every platform, from the Nintendo DS to the Playstation 3.
  • News: Every day, you’ll see a daily roundup of all the latest gaming news from across the industry. Our writers will hunt down the best stories and tell you all the latest gossip.
  • Reviews: This category contains some original games reviews, from the pens of the Dealspwn writers. Have a read and see if their opinion matches your own.
  • Articles: The featured articles section has some excellent and unique posts, on various facets of the video games world. From the funny to the eye-opening, Dealspwn hopes to entertain you with its scathing wit and dry humour.
  • Funny: The funny section contains funny gaming stuff from all over the web. It might be a funny picture, a cool use of technology, or just something totally random.
  • New Releases: This section contains weekly tables on all the latest new releases. It also shows you how to get the cheapest price for each game.
  • Everything: Self explanatory really – this tab shows you everything on the website, the content is from all of the categories above.

Using Dealspwn: A Quick GuidePlatforms

If you’d like to see all posts about certain platforms, you can view posts tagged with specific keywords. Here is a list of the major platform tags:

Clicking those tags will show you all posts related to that platform.


All games deals are also tagged by genre. Here are a few of the more popular classifications:

Expired Deals

Viewing the games deals category shows you absolutely everything that has been posted as a deal on Dealspwn, including expired games deals. However, if you would like to see a list of only the active deals, you can see these on the games deals tag.

If you spot anything in there that has expired, feel free to leave a comment to let the writers know.   Some great games deals can expire within a very short period of time, so it might be worth subscribing to the Dealspwn RSS feeds or email updates to keep abreast of the deals.

Other useful tags

Each deal is also tagged with the game name. If you click that, you will see all posts that have been created about that game. For example, Need for Speed, or Grand Theft Auto.

Price Comparisons

Currently in beta, Dealspwn is working on a new gaming price comparison engine, Gamebase. You will be able to compare all the latest prices for your favourite games, and get the best deal on the internet.

Please feel free to comment below if you have any queries or suggestions.

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Dude  Jul. 28, 2009 at 18:18

Nicely done.

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