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Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 03/02/14

Carl Phillips
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Dealspwn Reload

Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 03/02/14
It's time for yet another Dealspwn Reload - where each week we bring you a quickfire review of the interesting tidbits of industry news, be it the exciting, the ridiculous, or the completely irrelevant, before providing a rundown of what games are releasing over the coming days, as well as what to expect on-site in terms of coverage. Get your fix by hitting the jump.

This week's releases:

4/2/14 - The Wolf Among Us Episode 2: Smoke & Mirrors | £18.99 on Steam / PSN / XBL
4/2/14 - The Sun At Night | ~£9.19 on Humble Store (PC)
5/2/14 - Outlast | Free on Playstation Plus (PS4) / Price TBA
7/2/14 - Fable Anniversary | £25.85 at Simply Games (Xbox 360)

Interested in what was featured? Have some links!

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate on its way, but not until 2015
Goodbye Namco Bandai, hello Bandai Namco!
Ruffian reveal Game of Glens for weird Square Enix-led crowd-funding scheme
Immersive VR adventure Loading Human revealed
Killer Instinct to punish rage quitters with (virtual) jail
Microsoft buys Gears Of War IP, assign Black Tusk to develop
Microsoft begin bizarre trade-in scheme in the US
DONTNOD "readapting" for future projects
Rambo: The Video Game begins the slaughter this month
Business as usual for Funcom despite the office raid
Everquest Next & Landmark coming to PS4, and another SOE MMO in the works
New leak begins rumours of a disc-less Xbox One
Peter Serafinowicz joins the Dark Souls II cast

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