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Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 10/03/14

Carl Phillips
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Dealspwn Reload

Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 10/03/14
It's time for yet another Dealspwn Reload - where each week we bring you a quickfire review of the interesting tidbits of industry news, be it the exciting, the ridiculous, or the completely irrelevant, before providing a rundown of what games are releasing over the coming days, as well as what to expect on-site in terms of coverage. Get your fix by hitting the jump.

This week's releases:

11/03/14 - 1954: Alcatraz | Est. £14.99 on PC from Steam
14/03/14 - Dark Souls II | £32.99 for PS3 / Xbox 360 from Game Seek
14/03/14 - Yoshi's New Island | £26.95 on 3DS from The Game Collection
14/03/14 - Darksiders Collection | £34.99 on PS3 / Xbox 360 from Amazon
14/03/14 - Red Faction Collection | £24.99 on PC / PS3 from Amazon
14/03/14 - Titanfall | £25.99 on PC from CD Keys | £42.00 on Xbox One from Amazon

Interested in what was featured? Have some links!

Sony tout 6 million PS4 sales
Fez coming to PS4, PS3 & Vita this month as cross-buy definitive edition
Amy Hennig leaves Naughty Dog amid rumour and speculation
Batman: Arkham Knight announced, coming later this year
CloudLift brings Steam Games to OnLive... well, some of them.
Watch Dogs finally arriving in May
Shaq-Fu is returning, send you money now!
Squeenix finally finds "success" with Tomb Raider after 6 million sales
Jack Tretton to leave Sony after 19 years

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