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Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 26/05/14

Carl Phillips
New Releases
Dealspwn Reload

It's time for another Dealspwn Reload - your weekly rundown of new releases, upcoming coverage over on Dealspwn.com, and your quickfire review of the interesting tidbits of industry news, be it the exciting, the ridiculous, or the completely irrelevant.

This week's releases:

27/05/14 - The Wolf Among Us Episode 4: In Sheep's Clothing | £18.99 on various digital marketplaces
27/05/14 - Watch Dogs | £36.85 on PS3 from The Game Collection | £36.95 on Xbox 360 from The Game Collection | £44.00 on PS4 from Amazon | £44.00 on Xbox One from Amazon | £32.95 on PC from Cool Shop
29/05/14 - Among The Sleep | £11.90 on PC from Krillbite Studio
30/05/14 - Borderlands 2 | £19.75 on PS Vita from Boomerang

Want to know more about the featured news? Have some links!

Re-Master-ed Chief on Xbox One?
Child of Light coming to Vita this summer
John Lewis screws up Wii U deal, then screws up customer refunds
Far Cry 4 story details reveal story details, unsurprisingly. Also, no racism
Epic get cloney with Tappy Chicken
Half-Life 3 is a thing & will happen. Eventually. Apparently.
Titanfall to return CTF mode to PC version after backlash
Steam's In-home Streaming now out of beta

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