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Dealspwn Reload | Gaming SitRep - 7/04/14

Carl Phillips
New Releases
Dealspwn Reload

It's time for another Dealspwn Reload - your weekly rundown of new releases, upcoming coverage over on Dealspwn.com, and your quickfire review of the interesting tidbits of industry news, be it the exciting, the ridiculous, or the completely irrelevant.

This week's releases:

8/04/14 - Strike Suit Zero: Director's Cut | £15.99 on Xbox One / PS3 from XLBA & PSN
8/04/14 - The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile | £18.99 from various digital marketplaces
10/04/14 - Warlock 2: The Exiled | £22.40 on PC from GameSeek
11/04/14 - Kinect Sports: Rivals | £39.85 on Xbox One from Amazon
11/04/14 - LEGO The Hobbit | £29.85 on PS3 from Simply Games | £29.75 on Vita from Boomerang | £36.85 on PS4 from Simply Games | £29.85 on Xbox 360 from Simply Games | £36.85 on Xbox One from Simply Games | £32.00 on Wii U from Amazon | £29.86 on 3DS from Amazon | £19.85 on PC from Simply Games
11/04/14 - Titanfall | £38.95 on Xbox 360 from The Game Collection

Want to know more about the featured news? Have some links!

Predator to bring the hunt to COD Ghosts in upcoming map pack
April Fools joke backfires in EA's "unacceptable, stupid" faces
All hail King Phil of Xbox!
Amy Hennig lands at Visceral for Star Wars project
Steam Greenlight gets more ludicrous
Amazon unveil the Fire TV
BAFTA mixup sees nomination sent to the wrong developer
A great evil to be unearthed...
The Wolf Among Us episode 3 coming this week

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