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The Dealspwn WildStar Hub | Get your coverage here! [UPDATED]

Carl Phillips
Carbine Studios, MMORPGs, NCsoft, WildStar

The Dealspwn WildStar Hub | Get your coverage here! [UPDATED]
We've got quite the day ahead for those interested in WildStar, with a whole bunch of coverage on the latest build of the upcoming MMO straight from the Winter Beta. We were invited by Carbine Studios and NCSOFT to a press event last week, giving us unrestricted access to all content between levels 1-15 - including the newly unveiled clases the Medic and the Engineer - as well as a whole bunch of other features. As such, you're going to want to bookmark this page, as when the embargo time hits we're going to have a vast array of content to throw at you, and we'll be continually updating the page as we post more.

UPDATE: Here we go - we've just unleashed the first barrage of video coverage from in-game, showing off the new classes in action and giving you a look at some of the content you'll be able to find in the Winter Beta. Stay tuned as we will have more stuff on the way, including an in-depth preview article which includes thoughts and feedback from the developers.

Winter Beta Coverage

WildStar Preview | Going on an Adventure
Crafting In WildStar | Phillip Chan on progression, philosophies, & Elder Crafting
The WildStar Podcast | Impressions so far  - likes, dislikes, and things we'd change
Is WildStar really an MMO gamechanger? | Winter Beta Impressions

WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Public Events | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Character Creation | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - The Level 1-3 Arkship Experience | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Player Housing | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Limited Action Sets, Costumes, & the Mentor System | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - Crafting 101 | Dealspwn Playthrough
WildStar Gameplay: Winter Beta - PvP in Walatiki Temple

Looking for a MMO-newcomer's perspective? We've got you covered as Matt has been diving into WildStar as well. See how he fairs in our aptly titled series, The Noob.

Previous Coverage

We'll have more videos and impression pieces from the Winter Beta in the near future, but in the meantime, why don't you catch up on our previous coverage to whet your appetite? We've got a list of the essential reading / viewing waiting for you below.

WildStar Class Drop Wrap-Ups

For the last five weeks, Carl has been bringing you his take on the reveals (and re-reveals) of the six classes of WildStar, highlighting interesting tidbits and using it as an excuse to create beautiful photoshopped images.

The Dealspwn WildStar Hub | Get your coverage here! [UPDATED]Interviews

Video Interview - Jeremy Gaffney - We spoke to the Carbine head-honcho at this year's Gamescom, learning about the crowd-control mechanics, housing, and the way the story on Nexus will progress.

Video Interview - Stephan Frost - The "Voice of DevSpeak" took some time to talk to us about many a topic - the Settler player paths and how they affect the open world, the Elder Game, and PvP leaderboards, to name a few.

Video Interview - Max Matzenbacher - We had a chat with the Senior Effects Artist (and brother of Marc, the class designer from the recent class livestreams) about the artstyle of the game and its impact on the combat style.

Interview - The Business Model - Jeremy Gaffney gives us the lowdown on how the subscription method with work along side the 'play-to-pay' C.R.E.D.D. system.

Interview - The lore of WildStar & the Dominion - Lead narrative designer Chad "Pappy" Moore gives us an exclusive look at the inner workings of the backstory, and provides juicy details on the powerful yet stylish faction.

Interview - Aiming in combat - Class designers Hugh Shelton and Chris Lynch provide insight into how the aiming and telegraphs systems will set WildStar apart from other MMO titles.


Building A New Frontier - Based on a previous build of the game, Carl provides his impressions on how the game has moved on from the gameplay mechanics of the initial Alpha build, and talk about how the Settler player path works in-game.

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