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From December ‘Case West’ to Gears VGA Teaser – News Roundup 30th November 2010

Carl Phillips
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What up Dealspwners! Jon has fallen victim to the blitz of weather today and is currently wrestling wild bears in the snow, so I’ll be bringing you today’s news.

God help you all.

‘Case West’ Epilogue for Dead Rising 2 due in December

From December ‘Case West’ to Gears VGA Teaser – News Roundup 30th November 2010

If you felt that the festive period was looking like it would be filled with more snow than zombies, then today’s announcement from Capcom should put a smile on your face if you’re an Xbox 360 owner. In a similar format to the Case Zero prequel that was released shortly before Dead Rising 2, Case West acts as an epilogue to continue the story for fans of the franchise. Set right after the latest outing in Fortune City, Chuck Greene will team up with original protagonist Frank West for more zombie-slaying action as they try to uncover the source of the outbreak, with co-op shenanigans on the cards.

Considering the success of Case Zero, which has managed to shift 600,000 downloads so far, it looks like this latest (if you’ll excuse the delicious pun) bite-sized zombie adventure should do fairly well on XBLA when it releases next month. [VG247] [Joystiq]

Sony and Microsoft Get Touchy With Patents

From December ‘Case West’ to Gears VGA Teaser – News Roundup 30th November 2010

It looks like there’s going to be some interesting developments in the portable gaming scene in the future to combat Apple’s forced entry into the portable gaming market. Both Sony and Microsoft have been getting their patents on with regards to touchscreen technology. SCEA have filed several patents, one of which involves “two-fingered touch” gestures on a touch device separate from the main display. This could well be in conjunction with the heavily rumoured PSP2, for which recent detective work suggests a rear trackpad may be used.

Meanwhile over at Microsoft they have issued a patent for a technology that involves a shape-shifting touchscreen that creates buttons on the display for tactile feedback, which in theory would eliminate one of the more annoying aspects with gaming on devices such as the iPhone/iPod. Whether we’ll see any of this come to fruition is another story, but it’s interesting stuff none the less. [gamesindustry.biz] [Joystiq]

“Not what you’re expecting” VGA Announcement for Gears of War

It seems the announcements that will be happening at the VGAs this year are gathering more attention than the awards themselves and today’s latest teaser over at GameTrailers is only increasing that attention. Cliff Bleszinski of Epic Games can be seen in this short clip declaring new Gears of War gameplay will be shown, but that it is “not what you’re expecting.”

Only time will tell if the hype of the event, and the annoucements, will be worth our time and attention, but we won’t have to wait too long as the VGAs are now less than two week away. If you’ve got any theories on what could possibly have ‘The Artist Formally Known as CliffyB’ so excited be sure sign off in the comments below! [Gamesradar]

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