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Deep Silver buys Timesplitters devs & Homefront IP from ailing Crytek

Jonathan Lester
Crytek, Deep Silver, Free Radical, Homefront

Deep Silver buys Timesplitters devs & Homefront IP from ailing Crytek

From Free Radical to Crytek UK to Deep Silver Dambusters

Deep Silver, or more accurately Deep Silver's parent company Koch Media, has made a couple of canny purchases from financially-floundering Crytek. Specifically, the German media outfit has snaffled up the Homefront IP, upcoming sequel Homefront: Revolution as well as its developers Crytek UK... who were previously better known as Free Radical back in the day.

If that's ringing a bell, you probably played a little series known as Timesplitters back in the day.

Crytek's money troubles have been a matter of rumour and record over the past few months, with reports of unpaid staffers and spiralling debts finally being confirmed by the company, having secured a hefty sum to keep them afloat from an unspecified source. It's likely that Koch Media were behind the bailout, then, who have now renamed and repurposed Crytek UK as Deep Silver Dambuster Studios.

Deep Silver were originally on-board to publish Homefront: Revolution, so Koch Media likely saw another opportunity to add another experienced studio and established IP to their roster, alongside the likes of Saints Row and Dead Island.

We're looking forward to seeing how the new open-world shooter turns out... but we're not entirely sure what this means for Timesplitters. Considering Deep Silver's canny buying and publishing strategy thus far, we'll have to wait and see.

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Quietus  Jul. 31, 2014 at 18:29

Ah, the hours spent trying to get platinum medals on the time trials in TimeSplitters 2. My best was a 5.6s on Pane in the Neck, though that's now been thrashed, relatively speaking.

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