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Defender's Quest 2 Official Site Confirms Totally Awesome Turtle Tank, Also Other Stuff

Jonathan Lester
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Defender's Quest 2 Official Site Confirms Totally Awesome Turtle Tank, Also Other Stuff

He's Called 'Bitey'

Following our announcement last week, which was jumping the gun somewhat, Defender's Quest 2: Mists Of Ruin has now fully broken cover and is available to pre-order by way of an official website. The sequel to our 2012 Indie GOTY is slated for next year on PC, Mac and Linux via Steam and GOG, boasting a new setting and the sensational Dean Dodrill in the animation department. We've got all the details and a new trailer below.

Most importantly, though, we also now know that the epic turtle tank is called Bitey. We love Bitey. That said, he's not technically a turtle.

"Yes! His name is Bitey," reads the official statement. "He's not technically a turtle, but he is technically a tank, among other things. The boy and girl are Javir and Terevan, respectively." We'd have probably called him 'Gunny' or 'Blastoise,' but we suppose that he's more of an elephantine pack lizard. Or a dinosaur. Regardless, 'Turtle Tank' is more fun to say.

With that immature behaviour out of the way, let's talk specifics. Defender's Quest 2 plans to offer another fusion of deep RPG customisation, character development and storyline with strategic tower defence gameplay. 12 character classes, homestead building and expanded skill trees have all been confirmed. Karen Petrasko and Dean Dodrill (Dust: An Elysian Tail) have been drafted to provide noticeably improved HD visuals and cutscenes.

Story-wise, Defender's Quest 2: Bitey's Adventure (for that is what they should have called it) takes place in an all-new setting and canon. In order to fuel an increasingly desperate industrial city in a hostile polluted world, players embark out into the dangerous wastes beyond the hermetically-sealed walls in oxygen bubbles to search for artefacts and useful gear. Naturally we'll encounter all manner of dangerous beasties in the toxic wasteland - not to mention "massive underground kingdoms below our feet filled with monstrous, albino giants." Level Up Labs further explains the premise on a dedicated page.

Defender's Quest 2 is now available to pre-order at $15, which includes the new game on release - as a DRM-free download and Steam key - alongside a copy of the original Defender's Quest. I'll relay more details as soon as I hear them.

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