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Defender's Quest 2 May Release On 3DS & Other Consoles

Jonathan Lester
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Defender's Quest 2 May Release On 3DS & Other Consoles

Defender's Quest was crowned as our Indie Game Of 2012, a masterful fusion of compelling RPG mechanics and tower defence gameplay. A sequel is in the works, but interestingly, it may reach more platforms than just PC this time around - including Nintendo's handheld.

Over the last few weeks, Level Up Labs developer Lars Doucet has been posting some intruiging tweets regarding a Defender's Quest 2 3DS version, seeking feedback about potential UI alterations and button placements. Here's a sampler:

Naturally we were keen to find out more about the as-yet officially unannounced project. "We're considering several console targets for [Defender's Quest 2]," Doucet explained to Dealspwn.com in an email. "Right now we're in the research phase for that side of things - comparing cost/benefit and all that. The 3DS is probably the best target numbers-wise (install base, prominent indie success stories, other high-selling games in similar genres, etc), but the biggest challenge in terms of UI design given the small screen. If we can crack the UI design, we'll probably develop for it."

A console re-release for the original Defender's Quest is also being considered.

Level Up Labs are set to reveal some "seriously big announcements" soon, so stay tuned to both Dealspwn and the Defenders Quest site for the latest.

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