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Defender's Quest GOLD Out Now!

Jonathan Lester
Defender's Quest, Defender's Quest GOLD, Level Up Labs, PC games, RPG, Tower defence

The GOLD Edition of Defender's Quest has released today, in the form of a free update for existing owners and a massive new incentive to get involved with one of 2012's best games if you haven't already. This brand new version of the sensational 9/10 RPG hybrid contains redesigned art, a New Game + mode and new challenges. More details below.

Besides massively updated new graphics and artwork, the crown jewel of the GOLD (version 1.0.0) update is a huge New Game+ mode, which unlocks when players have beaten the regular game. Each enemy type is replaced with a new, NG+ mode-exclusive variant with special new powers and abilities to foil even the most devious players. Unique items from the normal game can be upgraded in exchange for magic skulls, a new battle reward. These new items have special new powers and abilities beyond just being stronger.

There are also 7 new sidequests in the expanded mode, which provide new tactical challenges as well as more story scenes, 14 new bonus challenges, including endless modes, and magic books for Azra that change the rules of battle.

The update also includes an upgraded interface that allows for more advanced targeting options, a more balanced play experience, new accessibility options, hundreds of bugfixes and general usability tweaks.

You can read a full list of features here. A free and lengthy demo is available on the official site (save files transfer over to the full game if you like it). Defender's Quest has also been confirmed for Steam - though the last contract negotiations still remain.

I described Defender's Quest as "magificent" in our 9/10 review, stating that "Level Up Labs' creation takes an already-popular genre to glittering new heights while refusing to compromise on the core gameplay." At the very least, dear reader, I'd urge you to try the demo and find out why this RPG/tower defence hybrid manages to provide the very best of both worlds.

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